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Ukraine braces up against Putin's eastern assault

Changing its strategy, Russia has swiftly changed its targeting area from Ukraine's capital Kyiv to the eastern part of the country. With Putin's snapping change in Strategy, Ukraine needs to brace up, as the battle in the eastern terrain would be challenging. Witnessing the sudden change in targeting area, President Zelenskyy has reckoned the western world and has claimed, "Russia is targeting whole Europe and halting its aggressive invasion of Ukraine is essential for the security of all democracies." President Zelenskyy, in his late-night address to Ukrainians, said, "Russia's atrocities are not limited to Ukraine. Entire Europe is the target area of Putin."

The Russian army's precipitous atrocities seem to transcend the humanitarian limit, as the Russian army continues to target the civilians of Ukraine. In a recent event unveiled, a grave in Buzova village near Kyiv was found repleting with dozens of Ukrainians. Revealing such brutal atrocities of the Russian army, President Zelenskyy reckoned the western countries for solid support. Zelenskyy stated, "It is the moral duty of all democracies and Europe to exhort Ukraine for its stance of peace." "Thought the battle this time would be challenging, but we are ready to fight back and hope to restore the diplomatic measures to halt this war.

President Zelenskyy further expressed his appreciation for the support from Britain and Austria. He thanked the leaders of Britain and Austria for paying a visit on Saturday and their assurance of further support. He even appreciated and expressed his gratitude to the European Commission president and Canadian Prime Minister for raising around €10bn for the Ukrainians who fled their homes.

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