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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's surprise visit to Ukraine

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a surprise visit to Ukraine. During his visit, Prime Minister Johnson was seen walking on the barren and empty streets alongside President Zelenskyy. In a video released, both the leaders seemed to be walking on the streets of Kyiv, guarded and surrounded by heavy streets.

During his visit and talk with President Zelenskyy, Johnson announced to give 120 armored vehicles and a new anti-ship missile system, a part of high-grade military equipment. Johnson further assured an additional $500 million in lending from the world bank. Thus, aggregating UK's total loan guarantees up to $1billion.

While walking on the empty streets of Kyiv, the two leaders greeted several passersby. One passerby, overwhelmed by seeing Johnson said, "we need you." Johnson replied, " we are privileged to help you; you have an excellent leader, Mr. Zelenskyy."

Putin's aggressive invasion launch has compelled thousands of Ukrainians to leave their country and flee their homes. Despite having an advantage of superior military might, Russia has not been able to accomplish its goal of capturing Kyiv. Johnson appreciates Ukraine's endeavors of pushing the Russian forces from the gates of Kyiv. He further acknowledged the leadership of Zelenskyy and the insurmountable courage of the people of Ukraine.

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