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UK in a wake of building a new bloc as EU and NATO fails to control Russian activities in Ukraine

Witnessing the present scenario of the Russia-Ukraine war one fact that came into the limelight is that the EU and NATO would not come to your rescue if your country is being invaded. Ukraine got invaded and the EU and NATO couldn’t work collectively due to the lack of unity among the members.

This fact might concern the Baltic countries- Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, who might be the next target of Russia’s Expansion plans. Though these Baltic nations are a part of the EU, witnessing the present scenario it cannot be guaranteed that the EU OR NATO would come for their rescue.

In such circumstances, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host the meeting of the eight Nordic-Baltic countries. Johnson has acknowledged the failure of the EU and NATO as a collective entity. These Nordic-Baltic countries- Finland, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have acknowledged the very fact that they can no longer fully rely on the EU or NATO. Johnson has claimed that “European security has been jolted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in response, we are ensuring to evolve as a stronger and unified body.”

Furthermore, the three Baltic countries are stuck in a dilemma as they are not only under threat from the Russian military but also due to their dependence on Russia for energy imports and thus, such a situation puts them in a more awkward state. Johnson examining the situation has said that “we need to shield ourselves against Putin’s threat only on military front but also from greater dependency on Russia for energy supplies, economy and value.”

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