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Turkey blames NATO allies for increasing tension between Russia and Ukraine

The Russian-Ukraine war seems to take uncertain turns with no hopes of ending hostilities in Ukraine. Russia recently gained its first success by liberating Mariupol and shifting its target to other eastern cities in Ukraine. Witnessing these surging tensions, on Wednesday, Turkey blamed the NATO allies for specifying the ongoing war. Turkey accused NATO allies of prolonging the war to weaken Russia and claimed, "some NATO countries want the war to continue," said Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish foreign minister.

He further condemned the NATO allies, "They are in the wake of wearing Russia through this war." Though Turkey's foreign minister directly didn't point out any NATO country, his remark came as the diplomatic talks between Russia and Ukraine had come to a halt. Turkey has extended its support to Ukraine by supplying combat drones, but it has simultaneously evaded the sanctions imposed on Russia and its western allies.

Turkey has made several endeavors to lessen the tension between Ukraine and Russia. It had taken various opportunities to host direct negotiations between two conflicted countries in the southern city of Anta.

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