Threat of attack on Ukraine from Russia; US deploys bombers to Britain

Russia Ukraine crisis: According to a report by 'D Drive', American bombers entered Britain from their home base in North Dakota. The planes will remain in the UK for the next three weeks.

Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles, fighter jets, and more than a million troops near the Ukrainian border has prompted the US Air Force to prepare for war. The United States has deployed four Super-Destroyer B-52 bombers in Britain. Equipped with atomic bombs, the bombers also flew around the Ukrainian border in the Mediterranean. US President Joe Biden has promised full support to Ukraine's president. Each B-52 bomber always has at least 20 missiles deployed.

The bombers were deployed by the US Air Force's Global Strike Command at Fairford Air Force Base in Britain. Amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the two most powerful nations in the world - the United States and Russia - have come face to face.

According to The Drive, American bombers arrived in Britain from their home base of North Dakota. The planes will remain in the UK for the next three weeks. The United States is believed to have deployed its bombers in the wake of ongoing drills in Russia and Belarus.

The American bombers set to work as soon as they arrived in Europe. Bombers are seen patrolling Europe near the Russian border. According to US Air Force Commander General Jeffrey L. Harrigan in Europe, it is important for the Allies to stay united in a changing global security environment. "We have arrived in Europe to train and co-operate together to enhance our collective airpower," he said. After the US bombers arrived in Britain, they were greeted by Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets.

According to American scientist Hans Kristen, the Mediterranean patrol bomber is capable of spotting nuclear and conventional cruise missiles. This bomber can carry 32,000 kg of weapons at a time. It also has a range of about 14,080 kilometers. It has six engines. These special bombers were created with the threat of Russia in mind. The United States has activated 58 B-52 bombers. These aircraft are capable of flying at subsonic speeds.

Russia deploys hypersonic missiles

On the other hand, after the US deployed parachute troops in Poland, Russia also deployed MiG-31 aircraft equipped with hypersonic missiles to teach a lesson to NATO countries. Russia has deployed the aircraft in the city of Kaliningrad, near the Baltic Sea and bordering Poland and Lithuania. Russia's Kinjal hypersonic missiles are capable of flying 10 times faster than sound and launching atomic bombs

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