There is no end to the political drama in Pakistan

It is important to note that the political unrest in Pakistan has finally ended. Let's see what exactly has happened there.

It all started inside the ParliamentParliament, where the deputy spokesperson Qasim Khan Suri chaired an important meeting after the opposition coalition filed a no-confidence motion against the speaker Asad Qaiser. He allowed the information minister Fawad Chaudhary to give a statement first. Fawad said that "we were told that relations with Pakistan were dependent on the success of the no-confidence motion.

We were told that if the no-confidence motion fails, then Pakistan's path would be challenging". He alleged that this was an operation for regime change by a foreign government. He also questioned the opposition's move on how it could be allowed and called on the deputy speaker Suri to decide the constitutionality of the no-trust movement. Meanwhile, Suri rejected the no-confidence motion, stating that it is against Article 5 of the Constitution.

Then the drama was followed by Imran Khan's address to the nation in which he congratulated Parliament for joining hands with foreign powers to change the regime. He also stated that. "I have written to the President to dissolve the assemblies. There should be elections in a democratic way. I call upon the people to prepare for elections as it is for Pakistan to decide who should govern them."

Then upon the recommendation of PM Imran Khan, Pakistan's President, Dr Arif Alvi, approves the dissolution of the Pakistan assembly. He also stated that fresh elections must be held within 90 days and declared Imran Khan as the interim President. Now, after the dissolution of the assembly, the opposition is expected to take legal recourse on this matter.

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