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The voice of Anti-war demonstrators is echoing throughout Europe

With the incessant Russia-Ukraine tension whopping numbers of demonstrators throughout the European cities came down to the streets to exhibit their resentment against the ongoing Russian hostilities in Ukraine on Sunday. Thousands of anti-war demonstrators in Spain marched in the streets, exhibiting their solidarity for those in Ukraine whose liberty and life are under possible threat by the aggressive Russian forces.

The demonstrators in Barcelona class that "In Barcelona, I can march on the streets and can blatantly express myself but I can't do the similar thing in Country because of unsought consequences which have befallen us.".

The echo of anti-war demonstrators is not only confined to Spain rather it is heard in the whole of Europe. The Protesters in Berlin trudged through Germany's capital demanding an immediate end to Putin's ferocious war in Ukraine.

Another voice of protestors came from Lyon where thousands of demonstrators are endeavouring to garner support for the locals and students stuck in Ukraine amid the crisis.

The Protestors claimed that " as we are far away from our families, we want to do something from here, to give our help and support to our country."

Another instance occurred at Piazza Della Repubblica where hundreds of demonstrators gathered to show their dissent against the war. According to stats approximately 250,000 Ukrainians live in Italy and with the onset of the Russian invasion, roughly 3,000 refugees have arrived each day.

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