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The US warns China of the consequences that may befall china for extending its support to Russia.

As the Russian-Ukraine war is reaching its apex the western countries have constantly warned those countries extending their support to Russia and providing it with arms and weapons. Amid such surging tension, Unnamed officials reportedly notified multiple US news outlets that Russia has approached China for military assistance before the onset of the Invasion.

In the response, The Chinese embassy present in Washington has claimed that it was not aware of any such request made by Russia. The warning was made during a meeting between the officials of the US and China.

Since the onset of the crisis, Beijing has expressed strong support to its ally Moscow through its demeanor but never made military or economic support publicly. However, some unnamed local media outlets citing US officials, claimed that Russia in recent days has approached China for mi try equipment and drones.

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser said both the sides were "communicating directly, Russia privately communicated with Beijing regarding large-scale, sanctions evasion efforts and support Russia to backfill them.

With the progress of events, Mr. Sullivan is due to meet Yang Jiechi, a part of China's top decision-making body, on Monday in Rome. During their meetings, Mr. Sulitsn will explain all the consequences of and isolation that may befall china for extending its support to Russia. White House has made the announcement publically Biden's security adviser is likely to meet China's senior diplomat.

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