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The US cancels talks with the Taliban.

As the Taliban had promised a softer rule when they returned to power last year, they had also claimed that they would respect women’s rights in line with their Islamic Shariah law.

But now they have taken a U-turn on female education, the education ministry had announced that they would open schools for all students, including girls, and the schools will begin teaching from Wednesday. Still, after the classes began, the ministry posted a new notice stating that “ We inform all-girls high schools and those having female students above class six that they are off until the next order.” It is important to note that women’s rights and female education were major causes of concern after the withdrawal of international forces in Afghanistan.

And after this announcement, many girls and women are disappointed as they have to turn away from schools. Hence many teachers, students, and other women’s rights activists have rallied in Kabul against the ban. A local media has shared footage of a few dozen of women, together with wearing school uniforms, demanding their rights to study and work.

Slogans like “ Open the schools! Justice, Justice!” were chanted by the protesters; some even had banners that said, “ Education is our fundamental right, not a political plan.”

While the United States has announced that it has canceled the planned talks with the Taliban by stating that: “ We have canceled some of our engagements, including planned meetings in Doha Forum, and have made it clear that we see this decision as a potential turning point in our engagement.” this was said by State department deputy spokeswomen Jalina Porter.

This decision of the Taliban has received a backlash from many international female foreign ministers and the US. Experts suggest that the Taliban will not change this decision.

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