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The threat of third world war increases

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. In Russia's attacks on Ukraine, apart from the capital Kyiv, cities like Kharkiv and Mariupol have become a pile of rubble. The biggest question at this time is what will be the end result of the war between Russia and Ukraine? Meanwhile, the relationship between America and Russia has also soured. The Foreign Ministry of Russia has summoned the US ambassador regarding the recent statement of US President Biden.

It has been said from Russia that because of Biden, Russia-US relations are on the verge of breaking. Indeed, US President Joe Biden has warned Chinese President Xi Jinping that if China decides to provide aid to Russia, which is carrying out horrific attacks on Ukrainian cities, it will have some implications and consequences for Beijing. In the midst of all this, US President Joe Biden is going to visit Poland on March 25, where he will talk about helping Ukraine. It has been 26 days since the war and the Russian army is now targeting military targets with hypersonic and cruise missiles to capture Ukraine.

On the one hand, Russian aggression is intensifying, on the other hand, Ukrainian President Zelensky has said that he is ready to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with talks with Putin, Zelensky has also indicated that if it fails, then it could lead to a third world war. If we turn the pages of history, the same situation is being created during the Ukraine war, which led to the First World War and later the Second World War. In simple words, the ongoing limited war between Ukraine and Russia can engulf the world at any time. Consider it this way that Ukraine has refused to lay down arms and during the war that has been going on since February 24, it is giving a befitting reply to Putin's army.

If we look at today's situation, then like the First and Second World Wars, the world has been broadly divided into two factions, on the one hand, the western countries are open with Ukraine with NATO country, and on the other hand China's strong nuclear power Russia. There is open support. The danger of world war is because Putin is no longer ready to return empty-handed, while America wants to save Ukraine at any cost. That is, two factions have been formed and in the coming days, these two factions can become the reason for world war. There is a constant accusation from Ukraine that the Russian army is using missiles along with banned weapons, Russian weapons have killed civilians.

On the other hand, the news coming from the battlefield is telling that the Russian army is facing a big setback. According to statistics, in the war with Ukraine, 1000 soldiers of the Russian army are losing their lives every day. So far more than 15000 soldiers have been killed in the war and more than 100 fighter planes and helicopters have been ruined. That is, the war of Ukraine for Russia can be proved in the coming day in the same way as the war of Waterloo happened for Napoleon. Russia can be surrounded in the same way as Hitler lost the war by being trapped in the Chakravyuh during the Second World War.

Defense experts believe that Putin can launch a nuclear attack to avoid defeat in Ukraine, if this happens, then world war is certain. Here you have to remember that Russia can use limited nuclear weapons on Ukraine, limited nuclear weapons i.e. Tactical Nuclear weapons. Experts say that Tactical Proof Weapons are weapons that can be used in a limited or short range. During the Cold War, these were nuclear bombs that the US and Russia could hit at each other from a long distance. It is believed that Russia may have Tactical Nuclear Weapons by 2000. They can be deployed on a variety of missiles and generally conventional explosive-carrying missiles. They can also be fired like cannonballs in the field of battle.

This means that the world is standing on the edge of world war, even if Putin captures Kyiv in the war, the matter is not going to stop here, and even if Putin's army had to return, in both cases the signs are not good for the world. The story of World War II begins with the end of World War I. Germany was defeated in World War I, followed by the victorious Allies, which included Britain, France, Russia, America, and Japan. He forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Under this treaty, Germany was convicted of the war and imposed a monetary penalty. Germany had to lose a large part of its land. At the same time, he was banned from capturing other states and the size of his army was also limited.

Germany found this treaty humiliating and for this reason, opened the way for the spread of hyper-nationalism there. And Germany imposed a world war on the world to take revenge. In the current situation, Russia has imposed war on Ukraine, and the claim is to protect its sovereignty - same Ukraine is fighting to save its land and its culture.

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