The Russian Army used lethal Mini darts in Bucha.

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As the war between Ukraine and Russia is going on, Russia has attacked Bucha, and Ukraine has accused Russia has committed genocide in that region. Many accusations, such as the killing of civilians and the raping of women, have been made by Ukraine.

Now a new accusation has been made, “Flechettes” - sharp, one-inch-long projectiles with fins on one end to make them more aerodynamic have been used; these are like darts and were used in the First World War.

These deadly darts are designed to shred human flesh and were used during Russia’s shelling of Bucha, and locals have claimed this after finding hundreds of such small darts in some gardens.

Even Washington Post has reported that such flechettes fell in the streets of Bucha, burying themselves into cars and walls as well as just lying on the ground. Svitlana Chmut, 54, a resident in Bucha, has said, “ If you look closely at the ground around my house, you will find a lot more of them” She combed the surrounding areas are gathered up a pile of the little deadly darts on the morning of March 25 and 26, but there are thousands more scattered around.

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