The Roller coaster ride of the three largest Cryptocurrencies...

As a blockbuster year for cryptocurrencies, the three largest cryptocurrencies seems to have gone on a roller coaster this year, skyrocketing, dwelling and cycling again. Binance Coin the largest rival of Bitcoin and Ether seems to outshine the top two cryptocurrencies by surging nearly 1,300% this year.

Binance is the world’s biggest crypto exchange in terms of volume and is also the native currency of a blockchain platform Binance Smart Chain, which exhorts Smart contracts for use in Defi [decentralized finance]

Looking at the statics of the year 2021 it seems that Bitcoin has the largest cryptocurrency which is up 62% and Ether the second largest cryptocurrency and the token of Ethereum, increased exponentially to 400% and outperformed Bitcoin.

Besides these three largest cryptocurrencies, various other coins have shown a spectacular performance this year. Coins like Solana and Fanton dovetailed with other blockchain platforms and have shown spectacular runs in the year 2021. Coins like Dogecoin and Cardano have backed the household names this year.

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