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When the war between Russia and Ukraine will end?

The question of when the war between Russia and Ukraine will end has come to light, with Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly making an important statement. Putin has instructed Russian forces to end the war by May 9. Kyiv Independent has reported in this regard. According to a Ukrainian military commander, Putin has ordered Russian troops to end the war by May 9. May 9 is a day of historical significance for Russia. This day commemorates the victory of the Russian army over the Nazi forces.

Today marks the 30th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Currently, Russian forces are launching more attacks on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. On the other hand, Ukraine has been accused of forcibly deporting a number of its citizens to Russia. Russia is said to be plotting to ban these Ukrainian citizens. So that pressure can be brought to bear on Ukraine to withdraw from the war. As many as four million Ukrainians have been deported to Russia so far. This includes 84,000 children, said Denisova, a Ukrainian official.

Will Russia use chemical weapons against Ukraine?

Many countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia internationally over its war with Ukraine. However, Russia is still aggressive. Russia is expected to use chemical weapons in Ukraine shortly. It remains to be seen what action the US will take if that happens.

Missiles from Britain to Ukraine:

Britain will supply thousands more missiles to Ukraine. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will visit Brussels for talks with NATO and other leaders. Johnson has called on other countries to supply more weapons to Ukraine.

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