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The plan to win Ukraine in 72 hours was followed by an 85-days war, with Putin's failed moves

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the war to protest Ukraine's participation in NATO. However, many of the moves he made from the start failed.

The war between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24. Russia's aggression has caused a major crisis in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to teach Ukraine a lesson. The participation of NATO countries was the main reason behind that decision. When Russia started the war, they thought they would surrender to Ukraine in 72 hours. However, Ukraine resisted the Russian invasion. It has been 85 days since the war started, but the war is still going on.

Russia had hoped that the Ukrainian government would surrender to it within 72 hours. After the government resigned, Putin set out to form a government of his choice in Ukraine. However, Putin has failed in that as well. Eighty-five days after the war, Ukrainian forces have not withdrawn.

Although the 85-day war against Ukraine has ended, Vladimir Putin is yet to claim victory. The tactics that Russia used when it started the fighting have failed. The first tactic was Ukraine's 72-hour surrender, a move that also failed. The second blow came when Russia had to withdraw from Kyiv's Ukrainian capital. Putin's withdrawal from Kyiv forced Russia to withdraw from Kyiv due to a lack of troops and poor tactics. Russia has had success in Mariupol and Kherson.

Russian forces have targeted Donbas for an attack. Russia is carrying out attacks in Donbas and Odesa. Russia has had some success in eastern Ukraine. However, thousands of Russian tanks have also been damaged in the war. As of the 72nd day, 249,000 Russian troops, 1,110 tanks, 199 aircraft and 155 helicopters and 502 artillery systems had been destroyed, according to figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry.

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