The Partygate incident- a ruse to out Boris Johnson?

The UK Prime minister Boris Johnson is not an exceptional politician. His image as a Public figure is often tarnished by his ridiculous faults and controversies stirred by his actions. His recent Partygate controversy has further added a demerit of mistrust among his favored voters.

The controversy alleged that during the toughest time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the whole of Europe was grappling with the virulent virus, when people were incarcerated within the four walls of their houses, when people had to bid adieu to their loved ones in the presence of an only handful of mourners, at that juncture Johnson and his advisers were enjoying the drunken parties.

The general public who bestowed immense trust in this government and their leaders were disappointed with such controversy being unearthed. Johnson’s government is currently encountering an immediate and scathing crisis as the Parliament is waiting for the report to be presented by civil servant Sue Gray after a thorough investigation. But amid this period of the unfolding of events, one question remains hovering: who is doing the leaking?

According to the sources, the first party was held on 15th May and was exposed on December 2021 in The Guardian. The information claims that the party was held at Downing street Gardens and Boris and Carrie Johnson along with Dominic Cummings were snapped sitting across a table adorned with cheese and wine. The second event was held on 20th May five days after the first incident.

In contrast to the revelation, Cummings in his Substack of 7th January 2022 denied all the charges and claimed that it was a work event and no protocols of Covid were broken.

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