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The mother asked the daughter who returned from Ukraine , Why did she leave her brother in Kharkiv?

Pune: During the Russian bombing in Ukraine, the two brothers and sisters were about to board the train at the station, when bomb blasts started outside the station. Because of this, there was a complete stampede at the station. In this stampede, both the brothers and sisters got separated. A mother's happiness remained incomplete even after her daughter returned from war-torn Ukraine in Kanpur, India.

When the daughter arrived, the mother hugged her. There was joy in his face for the return of the daughter, but in his eyes there was also the sorrow of leaving the son in Ukraine. The mother asked her daughter with tearful eyes that you have come, where did you leave your brother. Why didn't you bring him along? How did the brother leave? While asking these questions, the eyes of that mother filled with tears.The name of the girl who returned from Ukraine is Akshara Yadav. Four days ago at Kharkiv station when Akshara and her brother Aarav Yadav were ready to board the train. Then there was such a stampede between the bomb blasts that the brothers and sisters got separated at the station itself.

Sister somehow reached the Poland border from there and then reached Kanpur on Sunday. But the brother got so separated that day that he is still stuck in Ukraine and perhaps that is why even after the arrival of the daughter, the mother has not got the peace that would have been received by the arrival of both the children. Both Akshara and son Aarav Yadav, daughter of Dr Madhurima Singh, a resident of Gwaltoli, Kanpur, were doing MBBS at Kharkiv Medical College.

Both went to study together. lived together. When the Ukraine-Russia war started, they tried hard to get out of there but could not get out, because all the traffic was stopped. An advisory was also given to the people from the Government of India that you should leave Kharkiv at the earliest. Both these brothers and sisters had also reached Kharkiv station after walking several kilometers by putting their lives at risk. Both were about to board the train at the station when bomb blasts started happening outside the station.

This caused a complete stampede at the station. In this stampede, both the brothers and sisters got separated. Akshara Yadav says that in the stampede, the brother put me on the train but himself remained at the station and got separated. Akshara reached the Poland border before the train. There his phone got switched off. Because of this he could not talk to his brother Aarav. After 3 days Akshara was brought to Delhi by flight from the Poland border, from where she reached her home on Sunday. Akshara is sad for the loss of her brother. At the same time, the happiness of the parents is also incomplete, because their son is trapped there in Ukraine.

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