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The humanitarian corridors in Mariupol didn't open on Sunday

The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryana Vereschuck said that the evacuation corridor for Mariupol was not opened this Sunday because the Russian side did not guarantee a ceasefire.

On national television, she came on air and said that "We could not open the humanitarian corridors for Mariupol, as Russia did not confirm the guarantee of a ceasefire; we will try again tomorrow."

Iryna has also expressed hopes that the United Nations could broker a humanitarian evacuation; she said that "I think that the UN should have been and should be the most effective now (in terms of providing evacuation corridors) as Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General is going to visit Moscow sometime soon around April 26, we are demanding the UN to ensure a ceasefire regime and providing a humanitarian corridor from Azovstal as it is important to emphasize this, and from Mariupol as well because there are currently 1,000 women and children in Azovstal now, plus 500 or more people are wounded and require immediate and urgent medical assistance. And this is what Mr. Guterres should say in Moscow if he considers talking about peace."

As the UN secretary-general is expected to visit Moscow and Kyiv, humanitarian corridors might be open in heavily conflicted areas such as Mariupol and Azovstal.

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