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The first draft is sacred – The Importance of the first draft in content writing

importance of first draft in Content writing

The first draft is a plot where writers structure their initial ideas. This is a process that expresses the thoughts of a writer on the paper. Before content writing, writers need to research the topic. The first draft reflects the initial idea, knowledge, and concept they have obtained from their research. No one can see your first draft, because it needs rewrites and edits.

In most cases, writers write at least three drafts; sometimes, it may be ten times. British famous author Jeffery Archer made a statement on the first draft. In his statement, he said, “ Do not imagine that the first draft of your book is one that will be published. My latest novel, The sins of the father, was 14 drafts and took approximately 1000 hours.”

The first draft helps writers to organize their thoughts into words

Suppose you have a fabulous idea in your head and start writing and publishing it without making drafts. After publishing, you find that your content is not well organized. In this case, your reader will not feel you had a terrific idea. An idea has no value if you can’t reveal it in your content.

You can’t make your Ready to publish copy without drafts

If you ask an honest writer who is already successful in his field, they will confess that for most of their first draft, nothing looks like their final copy. So editing is one of the most vital parts of writing. Editing will help you to rectify your mistakes and continue your progress in writing. Editing is not possible without your draft.

Drafts help writers to overcome their errors.

No one can write without mistakes. They may be a master of grammar or a professor of English language and literature. Murphy’s law stands true in the field of writing too.

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

In this modern era, there are AI-based grammatical mistake-finding tools. Even after using those tools, a knowledgeable reader can find your mistakes. Still, human eyes are more competent than an AI-based error-finding tool. We can combine editing and proofreading while we make our draft.

We can not write 100% correct content, so multiple times of proofreading can minimize our errors. Proofreading is only possible if we make our drafts.

Tracking the progress as a writer

A writer can track their progress through their first draft and final copy. They can find out their grammatical mistakes, structuring problems, and also problems of expressing. Reviewing old drafts also helps a writer track his progress.

In conclusion, we can say that the first draft is a significant part of content writing. This is the base of content where a writer’s thought turns into a written form. The first draft not only plays a role in the quality of content but also improves the skills of a writer.

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