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Modi government may soon announce the 'Agneepath scheme'

The government is all set to announce a new scheme called the Agneepath Entry Scheme to reduce the expenditure and age profile of the Defense Forces. Under this, the youth will join the Army for three years and will serve the country. Top government sources informed India Today that the youth would enter the Army through the Agneepath Pravesh Yojana and be known as Agniveer during his tenure in the Army.

The armies are giving their final presentation on this program to the government. The best talent from amongst the Agniveers will be retained in the Army, and the rest will have the option of leaving for civilian jobs. Corporate houses are also in touch with the government to hire military-trained youth. Due to the Corona epidemic, the entry cycle for soldiers in the armed forces has been drastically cut in the last two years. Records show that there are 1.25 lakh vacancies available in the Defense Forces at present. The outline of the final plan has not been revealed yet.

The basic concept is to bring in soldiers for both general and special duties for three years.

This will be a change from the earlier concept of permanent recruitment in the Armed Forces, in which soldiers serve for varying lengths of time. The catchment area can also be significantly expanded for recruitment.

At the end of three years, most of the soldiers will be relieved of duty and get assistance from the armed forces for further employment opportunities. Corporate companies show interest in reserving jobs for trained and disciplined youth who have served their country. Preliminary calculations by the armed forces estimated thousands of crores in savings, expenses, and pensions. Only the best young people nominated as Agniveer can get the chance to continue their careers depending on the availability of vacancies. Its official announcement could soon be made by the government.

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