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The European Space agency halts the ExoMars Rover Mission with its Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos

The Russian military actions in Ukraine seems to dig a deep gouge of loss for the Russian Federation, as Russia is facing severe repercussion on another footing besides the military. The Russian-Europe "ExoMars Rover Mission" has been suspended by Europe Space Agency as a response to increasing hostilities of the Russian military in Ukraine. The European Space Agency has claimed that it is very unlikely to carry on the ExoMars Rover Mission with its partner Roscosmos as the Russian activities in Ukraine are very disturbing. The decision to suspend the mission came this week after the meeting held in Paris.

The European Space agency further stated that "We deeply bemoan the human casualties and tragic aftermaths of the aggression towards Ukraine."

The space agency added, “While deciphering the impact on scientific analysis of space, ESA is fully in support with the sanctions exacted on Russia by its member states.”

In response, Moscow said it regretted the “bitter” decision taken by the European Space Agency. It further added, “This is a very bitter [decision] for all the enthusiasts who are eager to explore the domain of space." The head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said on Telegram, citing the action of the European Space agency a "shame."

He further added that Russia would no longer depend on anyone and would conduct this Research exhibition on its own.

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