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The cause of inflation in the country is pro-Hindu, I am Hindu but not pro-Hindu - Rahul Gandhi

The Congress had organized an anti-inflation rally in Jaipur on Sunday to rally the central government on the issue of inflation.

The rally was attended by Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. During the rally, Rahul Gandhi said that there is a clash of words in the country. One word is Hindu and the other word is Hindutva. I am a Hindu but not a pro-Hindu. Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu and Godse was a pro-Hindu. He further said that what is the battle in front of the country and who is fighting in which ideology.

We know that no two Body can't have one soul. Also, two words cannot have the same meaning. Every word has a different meaning. In the politics of the country today, there is a clash of two words. Their meanings are different.

One word is Hindu and the other word is Hindutva. This is not the only thing. These are two different words and their meanings are completely different. Rahul Gandhi further said, "I am a Hindu, but not a pro-Hindu at all. They are all Hindus, but not pro-Hindu.

Today I want to tell you the difference between Hindu and pro-Hindu. Mahatma Gandhi is a Hindu, Godse is a pro-Hindu. Whatever happens, the Hindu seeks the truth. If it happens, he doesn't even care about life. He is searching for the truth. His path is that of Satyagraha. He spends his whole life searching for the truth.

He also said that Mahatma Gandhi had written an autobiography, My Experience with Truth, which means that he had spent his entire life trying to understand the truth and at last a pro-Hindu man had fired three bullets at his chest.

Hindus are spending their entire lives in search of power. It has nothing to do with truth. He just wants power and for that he will do something, kill anyone, say something, burn, cut, he wants power. Their path is not Satyagraha but Satyagraha.

The Hindu stands up and faces the fear and does not lag behind even an inch. The pro-Hindu fanatic is overwhelmed by his fear and this fear creates hatred in his mind, anger comes. Hindus have to face fear. Peace, love, strength are created in his heart. This is the difference between pro-Hindu and Hindu.

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