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The big US move to stop belligerent Russia; Missile test secretly!

Russia has annoyed Ukraine by using hypersonic missiles in the war. Russia has destroyed several cities in Ukraine by launching missiles (Russia Ukraine War Crisis). Against this backdrop, the United States has also prevented Russia from infiltrating Ukraine. It has now been revealed that the US secretly tested a hypersonic missile last month. The missile is known as the 'Hypersonic Air-Breathing Weapon Concept.

  • The United States tested a hypersonic missile with the help of a nuclear bomber B-52H off the west coast of the country. The missile has been tested for the first time in the United States. The United States has conducted similar tests but the United States has not been successful in such trials. The missile was developed by Lockheed Martin, a well-known American company.

The missile went to an altitude of more than 65,000 feet

The US Air Force says rocket boosters have been used in hypersonic missiles to increase speed. In a recent test, the hypersonic missile had reached more than 65,000 feet. Also, this time the missile had covered a distance of more than 500 kilometers.

Other countries are ahead in hypersonic missiles!

China and Russia are more robust than the United States regarding hypersonic missiles. The United States has focused on missile readiness in the wake of tensions over the Russia-Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, tensions in world politics are expected to escalate soon due to the ongoing arms race in developed countries.

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