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The 'American conspiracy' theory has brought a new problem to Imran Khan with no power left!

Imran Khan's government finally collapsed. In Parliament, opposition parties cast 174 votes against Imran. But before all this work, Imran Khan made every effort to save energy. Recently, when the Deputy Speaker dissolved the Parliament of Pakistan, Imran Khan rallied around the opposition, saying he did not know what was happening to him. Not only that, Imran Khan has been holding foreign powers in the matter.

There was also talk of conspiracy. He also claimed to have a foreign conspiracy book. For example, Imran made it his 'weapon' to save power. But now, this book could be a rope around his neck because an appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court of Islamabad regarding the whole episode, which will be heard now. The Supreme Court of Islamabad will now hear an application for the inclusion of Imran Khan on the Exit Regulation (ECL) list. Let us inform you that an application for a court order has been filed with the Supreme Court of Islamabad against Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Fawad Chaudhary, and others in the Exit Control Act (ECL). The High Court will hear the application on Monday. The petitioner prompted the Supreme Court to investigate Imran Khan's allegations regarding the US plot against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. He said in a call that Pakistan's unity, sovereignty, and security were undermined. In line with this, the court was also asked to issue an order to investigate attempts to tarnish Pakistan's image by severing ties with the United States (USA).

The plaintiff has sought a trial under the Sedition Act. Meanwhile, opposition leader Faizal Sabzwari said in a statement issued by Imran that an independent commission should be set up to investigate the portfolio. The commission must investigate and find a conspiracy. Also, those who deceive the world or evildoers should be severely punished. They should be commended. On March 27, Imran Khan claimed that opposition parties' request for his trust was part of a "foreign-backed conspiracy" against his government.

He was saying this at his Amar Bill Maroof party event at the Parade Ground in Islamabad. Imran Khan called for foreign exchange to be spent on ongoing efforts to overthrow the Pakistani government, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He is leaving. His government was intimidated by a letter he kept as evidence. And he said if anyone has doubts, I am ready to show you a book that is not on the record. Later, Imran Khan publicly accused the US of plotting to overthrow his government. The Exit List Bill was passed in Pakistan in 1981.

In this case, the government has a right not to release a person from the country involved in any serious crime. Therefore, those who cannot leave the country are included in the entry control list. Let us tell you that such people are listed on the list of those involved in corruption or who abuse their power or misuse public funds. The National Accountability Bureau can find a person listed on the exit control list. The Director-General of the Federal Investigation Agency reserves the right to include a person's name on this list.

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