Suddenly foreign-settled Chinese citizens began to sell their properties

Russia has been fighting the Ukraine war for more than three months, and its direct effects on China are beginning to show. Chinese nationals who have settled abroad have suddenly started selling their properties, and the Communist Party of China is said to have ordered them to do so. The Communist Party has ordered non-resident Chinese to sell their properties and return home, citing the Russia-Ukraine war.

The West has united in teaching Russia a lesson, and its blow has fallen on Chinese citizens living in those countries. These countries have confiscated the assets of wealthy Chinese living in their countries and banned their shares and bank accounts in various companies. As a result, foreign exchange sent by these people to China every year, directly or indirectly, could not come. If China announces military action against Taiwan in the future, it is clear that the first blow will fall on Chinese nationals living abroad. In such a scenario, the US and Britain could give China a big economic blow, and this blow is said to be heavy in the war.

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According to a report by HK Post, many Chinese nationals living abroad have started selling their properties. The Communist Party has warned all party leaders and government officials who bought property abroad in the name of their wives and children to stop their promotions. It is also understood that in 2014, more than 3,200 officers were ready to flee abroad as soon as they got a chance to buy property abroad in the family's name.

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