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Successful testing of Agni-Prime

The DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) on Saturday successfully tested a nuclear-capable Agni-Prime missile on APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha. This is the second time the missile has been tested since June this year.

The central government said in a statement that the missiles met all the required criteria and achieved their target very accurately. The missile has two stages and is equipped with a dual path and navigation system.

The second flight test of all state-of-the-art systems in this missile system has been as successful as expected. This missile is a modified version of the Agni class missile. It has a range of one thousand to two thousand kilometers. Agni 5 is India's longest range missile with a range of 5,000 km.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has congratulated DRDO on the successful test of Agni-Prime.

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