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Speedy Omicron, Americans afraid?

Though Omicron is not apparently more severe than delta, but still rapidly rising cases leaves proliferating concern for the countries.

As per the data garnered by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention there have been 73% of the consistent cases of omicron in US, On the other hand, the cases of Delta variant marked up to 26.6% until December 18.

"We're going to see a really fast upsurge in cases,

We're going to see a lot of New Yorkers affected by omicron" says New York city Mayor Bill De Blasio, he also emphasized upon the importance of vaccination and the working of Bureaucracy towards it.

Whereas, President Joe Biden has pledged to deploy 1000 military Medicals professionals to hospitals, vaccination and testing centers and the distribution of 500 million Rapid tests to the public for free, according to one of the articles of The Indian Express.

Variant after variant has left the citizens of US surreal. Christmas month has turned into a grief with a surge in percentage of omicron variant to 12.6% in one week.

Sources say that, it is hideously spreading across boundaries and has already annexed NorthEast and Upper Midwest, some states also includes Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico as per the Indian Express.

The same regions have also experienced Delta variant which is why Joe Biden tried to ease the minds of citizens by pitching out "We should all be concerned about omicron but not panicked" this is not March 2020" he added.

As per the reports, a public radio host, Brian Edwards Tiekert, and his wife has refused to entertain anyone without prior testing, moreover he said, all the emotions of worry and plannings are draining....only two tabs remain open on his phone the California rain forecast plus Covid tracking Dashboard he added.

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