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Sleeping is the new therapy to douse your existential crisis

Going gaga over your restless dormancy, fluctuating mood swings, abrupt knee jerk reactions to simple problems? Wait, pause for a minute. There is one such solution for all your dilemmas - Sleep is the therapy!!

Like all activities which we perform religiously and routinely, sleeping is one such activity that many of us neglect quite often. Complete and wholesome sleep is the need of the hour to function smoothly.

Inappropriate sleep makes you cranky or disturbed. Yes, we all dislike those days. A sound sleep is favourable for your health, mind, temper and the people around you. Let's accept this: a steady sleep schedule is all we require. Well, most of the time.

These days, almost everyone on the internet chatters about the strong longing to just 'eat and sleep' all day long. And Covid lockdowns have made us more used to this inactive schedule. No matter how much we like our sleep, we often take it for granted. Many individuals ignore their sleep hours and then go through with all the side impacts that come along. An unwholesome sleep cycle is more detrimental than you reckon.

A recent study by ResMed with 17,040 respondents has demonstrated that 72% of Indian participants learned poor emotional health due to inadequate sleep. Other than mood swings, there are many detrimental effects of not napping appropriately.

Some of these are:

a) It makes you amass weight (we will come to this part later)

b) It can put you at a higher chance of health ailments like hypertension, heart disease and diabetes

c) Lacking in good sleep can undermine your immune system and due to Covid, now we know the significance of a robust immune system

d) You might also undergo forgetfulness or face trouble with reflection and concentration

The health advantages of sleep will leave you amazed.

Helps you retain a healthy weight:

The sleep and weight relation is quite crucial. Sleep influences your two major appetite hormones: a) ghrelin, a hormone that propels you to feel ravenous; and b) leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full.

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