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Shocking video: Snake dies after biting a drunkard!!

Generally, humans die due to snake bites. Many poisonous snakes are found all over the world. Whose bite leaves no hope of survival in humans. The body turns blue as soon as they are bitten, and that person dies in few hours, but today we will tell you an anecdote that will surprise you. These days a video of a person is becoming very viral on social media, in which he is saying that even after the bite of a poisonous snake cobra, he did not die. Surprisingly after biting him, the cobra was died.

This incident is from Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, India. The viral video of this person has blown everyone's senses, and that person remains a topic of discussion these days. According to the news, this person from Kushinagar was bitten by a dangerous cobra. This cobra bit that person not once but twice, but that person is safe.

The man claims that the cobra died after biting him. The person had also brought a dead snake with him in a bag to the hospital. Some Indian drunkards believe that snake venom is ineffective in the body of alcoholic people. On the contrary, doctors said the drunkard may have beaten the snake, and the snake could not push its venom properly.

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