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Shocking !! Two variants of Monkey Pox has found in America; the number of patients 22

Monkeypox patients are found all over the world. Monkeypox infection has reached America. The number of monkeypox patients in the United States has reached 22. A shocking thing has happened in the United States regarding monkeypox. Two variants of MonkeyPox have been found in the U.S. The C.D.C. has confirmed the information in this regard. The C.D.C. has not yet studied the infections found in all 22 people.

A man from Texas in the United States came on a tour of Nigeria in 2021. He had monkeypox-like symptoms. Similar symptoms are found in two people. It includes a woman and a man living in Florida. He had toured Africa in the last few days. The genetic reports of the other 20 patients are similar to those found in Europe. The two different samples show identical symptoms to those who visited Nigeria in 2021.

C.D.C. expert Jennifer McQuiston said that although the virus may look similar, the genetic analysis of the two viruses is different. The two are not related, he said. According to McQuiston, there are two reasons why monkey pox is found in the United States. So it is difficult to say precisely where the monkey pox originated from. In the last few days, the virus has spread from animals to humans in Nigeria and is now infecting humans.

New information raises questions about when the monkeypox infection spread outside Africa. According to a report, 900 patients have been diagnosed worldwide since May last year. In 2003, there were 47 such cases in the United States. The World Health Organization estimates that the spread of the monkeypox infection is unknown. Meanwhile, the highest number of monkeypox patients was first found in Britain.

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