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Shocking Confessions From Elon Musk's Father; He had a sexual relationship with his stepdaughter

Elon Musk Father Startling Revelation: Elon Musk's father has made a startling revelation. In an interview, he said he had a physical relationship with his stepdaughter. Not only this, they both have two children. Errol Musk, an engineer in South Africa, said the second baby was unplanned, but he lived with Bezuidenhout after its birth.

Errol Musk, the father of the world-famous businessman Elon Musk, who is always in the news, has made a shocking revelation. In an interview, Errol Musk said that he had a physical relationship with his stepdaughter. He said that not only Elon but both have two children. Elon Musk's father gave birth to a second son from a stepdaughter three years ago. Errol Musk himself admitted this during an interview.

Elon Musk admitted during an interview that Elon Musk's father gave birth to a second child from his stepdaughter three years ago. Musk's father, Errol Musk, is 76 years old. In an interview, Errol said that he had his second child with stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout about three years ago. During the interview, Errol Musk said that it was all unplanned and that we humans are only meant to reproduce.

First child in 2017

Errol Musk and Jana's first child was born in 2017, named Elliot Rush. Jana Bezuidenhout is the daughter of Errol's second wife, Heid Bezuidenhout, whom he married in 1979 after separating from Elon Musk's mother, May Haldeman Musk. He has three children from his previous marriage - Elon, Kimble, and Tosca. Errol Musk was 45 when he married Bezuidenhout's mother at 25.

Elon Musk's Relationship with Father

According to reports, Elon Musk does not have a good relationship with his father, which is the main reason behind it. Musk's father said the family was shocked when the matter came to their attention. Elon Musk said that Elon and I had a bad relationship after this revelation. He feels very uncomfortable about this, as Jana is his half-sister.

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