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Sheena Bora is alive?

On Thursday, 16th December 2021 Sheena Bora's mother, who was previously accused of murdering her, claimed that Sheena isn't dead, rather alive in Kashmir.

Unstable Family of Sheena

Sheena Bora was the daughter of Indrani Mukherjee, a former media executive. She had a vast network and was one of the most confident journalists, both daughter and mother didn't use to live together, but with the coming years she called back Sheena to her Marlow Cooperative Housing Societies and they began to live together.

Rahul and Sheena

A twist in their story initiated when Sheena Bora and her Step-Father's son Rahul, fell in affection, and their relations proliferated with time.

Peter Mukherjea( Indrani's second Husband) was tricked by Indrani as she labeled Sheena and her relation as sisters.

The hidden lies of Indrani Mukherjea

Sources also say that she banished Sheena in 2011 and explained to her elder brother Mikhail Bora (children of Indrani's live in a relationship) that she is abroad, however, this isn’t the entire truth, as during a survey Sheena’s joining letter of 20th June 2011 as an Assistant Manager in Mumbai Metro has been found and after that resignation on 24th April 2012 was sent to the company by her name.

The Murder

Until one day, when in 2012 on 24th April Sheena's ablaze body was found by Mumbai Police, no one knew the truth.

Disclosure of Sheena’s Murder

Investigation mounted when Sheena's absence was raised to three years.

Aftermath, Shyam Rai, driver of Indrani's Mukherjea, percolated that tactfully Indrani forced Sheena to visit near Bandra's National College by falsely saying about settling the disputes between them, and after much contentions, Sheena was choked in the moving car.

The third accused in this case had been arrested as Sanjeev Khanna (Indrani's first husband, had a daughter named Vidhi). Sheena's body was posited the whole night in a car placed inside the garage of the Marlow CHS and was burnt the next day near the Khopoli tree.

The reason is rumored to be either Indrani's dementation because of the growing relationship between Sheena and Rahul or the money that Indrani transferred in Sheena's account for settling the huge amount that she received after selling INX, as it is alleged that Sheena refused to return the money but none of the reasons could be claimed to be true at this moment.

However, "one imprisoned woman has seen Sheena in Kashmir," wrote Indrani to CBI, therefore, requesting a further inquiry into this case.

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