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Sex strike until abortion rights

As the Supreme court overturned the Roe V. Wade judgment, protests have erupted all over the US. Due to this overturning of the judgment, it is up to the states to criminalize abortion or keep it legal.

In New York, thousands of protesters marched against the ruling, and many said that we don't have reproductive rights but can carry guns freely.

Many shouted, "Not your Uterus, not your choice." Or "sex strike until abortion rights." The demonstrations are in Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, and Austin. As some states started to enact abortion bans, some clinics have stopped offering the needed abortion procedure. Many people against the ban have demonstrated mass protests on the streets of major cities.

Julia Kaluta, one of the protesters, has said, "It's like seeing a train coming towards you, and you finally get hit by it. And it still hurts more than you ever thought."

Natasha Mitchell has said that " it's a betrayal against women… it's a giant step backwards… it opens the door for other rights and freedoms to be threatened.", " I am fortunate that I live in a state that respects the reproductive rights of women but I fear for women who don't."

While the Joe Biden government has criticized this discussion of the Supreme Court, there is nothing much that the government can do about it.

As the President of the US, Joe Biden has described it as a "sad day," he plans to "continue to find solutions" to ensure abortion rights. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre has informed the reporters on Saturday. But she has categorically denied offering any details on potential executive actions regarding abortion that the administration is weighing.

Even though many Twitter users have used this platform to express their opinions about abortion bans, many have said that this overturning of Roe's judgment will take America centuries behind.

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