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PM Narendra Modi while campaigning in Almora, Uttarakhand alleged that Congress plays division policy. Its ideology is to "divide everyone and loot together".

While addressing the people of Almora physically on Friday, Prime Minister accused congress of separating citizens on the basis of their caste, belief, religion, language, and state. He said that Congress has been doing this practice not just in Uttarakhand but in entire nation, same case was seen when a while ago congress tried to disentangle Garhwal and Kumaon communities, so that they can loot both.

Further he stated targeting on congress' leaders "See what has become of congress...only the brother- sister duo is left campaigning. Don't they have any other leaders in the party?"

According to Express News Service PM continued by stating "After campaigning in three states.... Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Goa yesterday, I'm back among you in Almora today. The enthusiasm and love people have for BJP in every state is unparalleled. I am seeing that the voters never forget good work...based on what I saw yesterday, it is clear that people are fighting this election more than the BJP itself".

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