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Bhartiya Janata Party's manifesto has been released by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Tuesday, 08-02-2022. Manifesto has been released in Lucknow for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections by Amit Shah

While the manifesto for Goa was been released by the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. Simultaneously, virtual rallies in uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab were carry forwarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

To this defence Minister Rajnath Singh on 8th February stated that BJP is committed to make Uttarakhand an 'ideal and developed' state while addressing a rally in Gangolighat assembly constituency of uttarakhand according to India Today.

Prime Minister's Ludhiana and fatehgarh virtual rally would be the first state rally.


During the rallies in Uttar Pradesh PM asserted that the oppositions are daydreaming of getting the votes but they will again lose by the regional people. He continued that Bhartiya Janata Party is known for fulfilling its promises, as per The Indian Express.

While releasing manifesto for assembly polls in Punjab, PM promised the farmers to completely waive-off their debts with less than 5 acres land- holdings in the state.

Whereas, in Goa BJP assured the people that if elected, it would convert the state into a destination for co-working spaces and remote working in the post-pandemic world.

Plus, CM Pramod Sawant with Nitin Gadkari announced the three free gas cylinders scheme in a year to empower homeowners in the state, as per the data collected by The Indian Express.

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