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Russian Troops have failed to cross the river in Ukraine

The governor of the Luhansk region has said that the Russian troops have made three unsuccessful attempts to build bridges across the Siversky Donets river region in Ukraine.

Serhiy Haidai has said that the Ukrainian defenders have beat back the Russian forces each time they tried to put down the pontoon bridges, which destroyed 70 units of heavy weaponry and equipment over three days.

He has added by saying that his side has also successfully withdrawn the Russian efforts to disguise their operations, “we have eliminated Russian speedboats and helicopters which they used to cover their attempts, with their efforts the Russian troops were attempting to encircle the towns of Lysychansk, Severdonetsk and Hirske.”

The governor has described the situation in the wider Luhansk region as “very complicated”, especially when evacuating the citizens stuck in these regions. There is constant shelling and bombing in all the cities and villages.

Russia has refused to comment on the failed river crossing.

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