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Russian troops flee overnight: Ukraine strategically controls Snake Island

Russia's offensive against Ukraine continued on Thursday, the 127th day of the war, but Russian troops withdrew from the strategically important Snake Island on the southern shores of the Black Sea. Ukraine claims that our attack forced Russian troops to withdraw. Russian soldiers escaped overnight from Snake Island in a two-speed boat. At the same time, Ukraine regained control of the island.

Ukraine's dominance over the island has demonstrated its ability to thwart any plan on Russian soil. The commander of Ukraine's army, Valery Zuluzini, said indigenously-made Bohdana Howitzer guns had forced Russian troops to retreat. Russia's Defense Ministry said that our goal had been achieved. We are now withdrawing to allow grain exports to Ukraine from ports.

144 troops released from Russia

Russia attacked a building in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. Two Ukrainians were killed in the attack. Three people were injured. Governor Vitaly Kim said it was unclear if a bomb or a missile caused the attack. Russia has released 144 Ukrainian soldiers, according to Ukraine's intelligence service. In return, Ukraine released some Russian soldiers. Last month, about 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to the Russian military.

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