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Russian troops destroyed 2,000 houses in Kharkiv

The war between Russia and Ukraine seems to be intensifying. As the war drags on, Russia has become even more aggressive. Kharkiv is under attack from Russia. Russian forces have also targeted the city of Mariupol.

The war between Russia and Ukraine started on February 24. Russia is launching heavy attacks in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army has laid siege to the city of Mariupol. Russia is now focusing on Kharkiv. Russia continues to fire on Kharkiv.

In a single day, 40 residents were attacked by Russian forces. Russian forces fired upon Kharkiv. At least 18 people have been killed and dozens more injured in Russia's attacks. Russia has also attacked the city center and primary and secondary schools. A child was killed on Monday in an attack by Russian troops.

The number of calls to the fire station for help has increased as Russian forces have stepped up their attacks. The situation in Kharkiv is deteriorating due to the Russian attack. Kharkiv is one of the most important cities in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian media reports, the mayor of Kharkiv said that 1929 residential areas were destroyed in the Russian attack. Russia has stepped up attacks in Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia has also attacked the city of Mariupol. Russia has not yet succeeded in capturing the city of Mariupol.

Ukraine has taken control of the Russian cities of Donbas and Marinka, near Donetsk. Russia has also failed in 10 consecutive attacks in Donbas. It's been 56 days since the war between Russia and Ukraine. Due to the protracted war, Russia's intense attacks are being carried out.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin may be frustrated by the protracted war and launch an atomic bomb attack on Ukraine, the US Central Intelligence Agency's William Burns has warned. So the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, called on the whole world to be ready. "Under no circumstances will we allow Russia to take over our country. We will fight to the end," Zelensky said.

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