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Russia Ukraine War: Anti-Radiation Pills Started To Be Supplied To Ukraine?

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has not reached a decisive point even after six months. Due to this, it is predicted that Russia will now launch nuclear attacks. Due to this, the European Union has started sending anti-radiation drugs to Ukraine.

Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant is still under Russian military control. The Zaporizhia Nuclear Plant (Zaporizhzhia), Europe's largest, was captured by Russian forces just a week after the war began. There will always be a risk of an accident or radiation leak due to the Russian military occupation. 5.5 million doses of anti-radiation medicine are being sent to Ukraine. The European Union issued a press release saying that 5.5 million potassium iodide tablets are being sent to Ukraine amid fears of a nuclear accident. Of this, 50 lakhs are being sent to the European Union and 5 lakhs to Austria. Its price is 5 lakh euros.

If there is a nuclear accident or nuclear attack, radiation is released. Surviving a nuclear attack is almost impossible. A nuclear accident and radiation leak can be avoided. This medicine is potassium iodide, which counteracts the passage of radioactive iodine from the body. The thyroid gland becomes inhibited. Radioactive iodine cannot penetrate. Radioactive iodine begins to accumulate in the body from the outside. It can be washed with soap or warm water. Due to this, the effect of external radiation is not felt on the skin.

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