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Russia - Ukraine to sign a deal regarding the export of grains in Turkey

Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the Black sea grain export has been blocked by the Russian military; due to this blockage, there is a global shortage of food grains.

Kyiv and Moscow are now going to sign an exclusive deal designed to help and relieve the global food crisis due to the Black Sea's blockage.

The world looks up to this deal as the first deal or negotiation since the invasion began, but there is a humanitarian crisis because of the global food shortage.

Approximately 25 million tonnes of wheat and other grains have been blocked in the Ukrainian ports by the Russian warships and landmines Ukraine has laid due to the ongoing assault.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has acknowledged Putin's concern by saying, "When we resolve this issue, not only will the export path for the grain and sunflower oil from Ukraine be opened, but also for the products from Russia." He added, "Even if these Russian products are not affected by sanctions, there are blockages concerning maritime transport, insurance, and the banking system."

The signing of the deal will take place in Turkey. The Turkish leader's spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has tweeted, "The grain export agreement, critically important for global food security, will be signed in Istanbul under the auspices of President Erdogan and the UN Secretary-General Mr. Guterres together with the Ukrainian and Russian delegations."

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