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Russia-Ukraine tensions: Will China's move add to India's worries?

Russia Ukraine crisis: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has openly expressed support for Russia in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia dispute in the South China Sea.

In the wake of the possibility of a third world war, the world's attention is now focused on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. If war breaks out between the two countries in a situation already troubled by the Corona infection, many countries are likely to be drawn into the war. Its serious consequences can only be felt by the world. Meanwhile, China has played a game that has added to India's concerns.

China openly supports Russia:

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has openly expressed support for Russia in the ongoing Ukraine dispute in the South China Sea. China has tweaked the United States, saying "the United States should take Russia's security concerns seriously." China is believed to have played a game of chance in the dispute to gain Russia's sympathy. However, this game of Dragon is likely to add to India's worries.

The US and China are rivals

China has refrained from backing anyone, saying "the two sides need to find a negotiated solution" to the dispute that erupted after Russia deployed nearly 100,000 troops on Ukraine's border. However, after the Chinese Foreign Minister's statement, it became clear that tensions between the two countries had not abated even after a virtual meeting between the US and Chinese leadership.

On the contrary, NATO has been targeted by China, saying that NATO is a remnant of the Cold War. Putin has said that NATO, which has existed since the Cold War, should not be expanded, and that Ukraine should not be granted NATO membership. Russia also wants a guarantee that would prevent Ukraine from becoming a permanent member of NATO. However, the United States has objected.

A new challenge for India in the changing circumstances

According to experts, the growing rapprochement between Russia and China could be a cause for concern for India. Nearly one lakh troops are deployed on both sides of the border in the wake of the ongoing Indo-China border dispute in the eastern Ladakh region. At the same time, India is trying to strengthen its position by buying large quantities of arms from Russia to join hands with China.

About 60 percent of the weapons currently in use in the Indian Army are Russian-made. That is why Russia's military support is important to India. In view of this threat, the Indian Foreign Secretary recently held discussions with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

India has not yet issued any official statement on the Ukraine-Russia dispute. But the whole situation is being closely monitored. According to officials, India is a strategic partner of both Russia and Ukraine. In such a scenario, a wrong move could jeopardize political relations and lead to more complicated situations.

While India is concerned about Russia's show of strength, it cannot afford to jeopardize relations with Moscow.

The US is also helping India in its ongoing tensions with China, so its relationship with them is important.

India also fears that if sanctions are imposed on Russia globally in a war-torn situation, Russia will move closer to China.

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