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Russia suspended from various international sports organizations

Russia is under sanctions from various quarters for attacking neighboring Ukraine. On Tuesday, FIFA and the European Football Association decided to suspend Russia from international football. Therefore, Russia will have to miss the World Cup in Qatar.

Russia has been attacking various cities in Ukraine since last Thursday. As a result, many lives have been lost and even ordinary citizens of Ukraine have to take up arms and fight for the country as well as for their own lives. On Monday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) called on sports organizations around the world to exclude Russia. The IOC's appeal is getting a huge response.

"We cannot ignore the events in Ukraine. Russia's attack has been condemned by football federations and organizations around the world. Russia has been suspended from international football until further notice, "FIFA said in a statement. The World Cup will kick off in Qatar from November 21.

Russia will play in the World Cup qualifiers in three weeks. Also, with Russia hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the sports sector here is moving towards progress. But now that the local football tournament has been banned, a number of clubs will be affected. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been stripped of his presidency of the International Judo Federation, and the Hockey Federation on Monday imposed sanctions on Russia.

Ban on skating, rugby, volleyball Lausanne:

The International Skating Federation has decided to ban Russia from the sport of ice skating, which is hugely popular in the country. In addition, the International Volleyball Federation has eliminated the Russian men's team from the Volleyball World Cup in August. Russia has been deported by the World Rugby Federation. Therefore, Russia will not participate in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Action from Badminton Federation

KUALA LUMPUR: The World Badminton Federation (BWF) on Tuesday suspended athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus. According to the latest recommendations of the International Olympic Committee, the BWF has suspended. The BWF has already decided to cancel the badminton tournament between Russia and Belarus.

Tennis players refuse to play against Russia

In the wake of the war, Ukrainian tennis players have refused to play in any tennis tournament against Russian players. Elena Svitolina, 27, posted a letter on Twitter on Tuesday describing the role of Ukrainian tennis players. She will not be playing against Russian players at the upcoming Monterey Open.

Athletics decision pending

The Athletics Federation has not yet made a decision on the Russian players. Russian athletes have been barred from participating in the Tokyo Olympics due to a substance abuse problem. In other sports, however, players participated without representing Russia. So the Athletics Federation is curious about what action it will take against Russia. The World Indoor Athletics Championships will be held in Serbia.

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