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Russia's readiness to take over Ukraine in just 72 hours, US claims

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Nearly 50,000 civilians could be killed in this attack, another intelligence agency has warned.

Amid mounting tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border, the United States has once again warned of a serious threat. The United States has warned that Putin's forces could capture the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in just 72 hours.

Russia's attack on Ukraine could kill up to 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 4,000 Russian troops, according to General Mark Millie, chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff. Another intelligence agency warned that at least 50,000 civilians could be killed in the attack.

General Mark Millie told US lawmakers that Ukraine could be captured in just 72 hours if Russian forces attacked their own. Following Mark Millie's stern warning, the Biden administration has been surrounded by some US lawmakers. No immediate action was taken to provide military assistance to Ukraine in a timely manner. The lawmakers alleged that Ukraine needed to be provided with anti-aircraft missiles and rocket launcher systems in time to protect itself from Russia.

The possibility of a sudden attack on any day

Russia, meanwhile, has warned that Ukraine could be attacked "any day" by US President Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan. 'If a military conflict breaks out, humanity will have to pay a heavy price. But based on the readiness and response, I believe that Russia will also have to pay a heavy price for this, "he said. This is the second warning given by a senior adviser to the President.

Earlier, Russia had amassed at least 70 percent of its military strength by the middle of the month. US officials have said that the move was aimed at giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the option of attacking Ukraine.

Ukraine rejects US 'disaster warning'

Ukraine, meanwhile, has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating "Similar, baseless allegations concerning Ukraine's intelligence have been made more than once. Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba has questioned the US claims that he does not believe in "predictions of a catastrophe" by the United States.

Although different capitals have different views, Ukraine is ready for any situation. Today we have a strong army. We are getting support from all over the world. "We need to fear, not our enemy," he added.

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