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Russia's invasion and intensified, fierce blasts on Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to intensify. The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that Ukraine will now be attacked from all directions. According to him, Ukraine has not accepted the offer of talks by Russia, so now action will be taken on a large scale.

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the army has been ordered to intensify its attack and now attack from all directions.

Kiev has turned down the offer of talks to be held in Belarus, has not accepted. Let us tell you that yesterday Russia gave Ukraine a proposal for talks. It was said in that proposal that a delegation of Russia would be sent to Belarus. But now the Russian Defense Ministry is claiming that Ukraine has rejected that proposal.

Ukraine has not responded to the allegation. The Russian soldiers who are wreaking havoc on Ukrainian soil are now about to attack in an increasingly more dangerous manner. A decree has been received from above, in such a situation, tomorrow's day can be more frightening. Today itself, there was a tremendous bombardment by the Russian army and today there has been a horrific blast, now after this announcement, the situation may get worse.

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