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Russia is hiding its economic status amid its special operation war in Ukraine, says the journalist

Pic credit- AFP

Russia's military operation in Ukraine has affected the country on various fronts. According to "The Bells," a Russian news organization claimed that Russia's special military operation in Ukraine has isolated Moscow on the international economic front and provoked a greater government Secrecy. The news organization made blatant remarks regarding the transparency of government activities and its statics. The opaqueness of government activities was already on a greater level, but after Russia invaded Ukraine, the level reached unprecedented heights.

The government secrecy is mushrooming amid the war. According to the information, the Federal Tax Service, which is accounted for the duty of publishing monthly figures on imports and exports, has halted providing the report or publishing the monthly foreign trade report. Another instance is that of Sberbank, and countries biggest bank has stopped giving information regarding its top managers.

The journalist Pyotr Mironenko has unveiled the bleak reality of the Russian economy and rising government secrecy. Due to its invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has to bear with various sanctions imposed on it, knocking off Iran from its position as the most sanctioned country in the world. He claimed that the hiding and not maintaining the secrecy of economic statics seems to be more flustering than those following the economy and seeking people to sanction them. It is not easy to get hold of the names and numbers present in the public domain, which has consequently helped Russia deny what it wanted to deny.

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