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Russia invokes the mystery of the letter “Z”, as it launches its carrier rocket into space with “Z”

The Russian-Ukrainian war is taking unusual turns exhibiting uncertain hopes of the ceasefire. Amid such a nonchalant scenario, Russia has launched a carrier rocket, Soyuz-2.1a, into space from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in Mirny. The Symbol Z seems to arouse greater curiosity as the letter Z was used on the tanks and vehicles of the Russian army which headed towards the Ukraine Invasion.

The letter Z spotted on tanks, military vehicles and Rockets of Russia portrays the stimulation of the Russian act of Ukraine invasion, but the mystery of letter Z is still unresolved as no one could predict what the symbol implies.

The Russian trend of inscribing and highlighting letter Z is not only limited to the troops and weapons the Russian defense ministry has also posted stylized graphics of the letter Z ON ITS Instagram account. The impression of the letter Z also seems to influence the domain of sports, as the Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak sported letter Z on his chest at the apparatus World Cup in Doha this year.

The letter “Z” Influencing greater domains of the Russian Federation, has invoked greater inquisitiveness in the world as Russia has launched its carrier Rocket into space with the letter Z painted on it.

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