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Russia has tested its new Hypersonic missile, “Zircon.”

According to Reuters, Russia has successfully test-fired a new hypersonic missile, “Zircon,” with over 1,000 km. The Russian defense ministry said that the missile had been fired from the Barents Sea, and it also hit a target in the White Sea from a distance of around 1,016 km.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has described this missile Zircon as a part of a “new generation of unrivaled arms system.” hypersonic weapons can travel nine times more than the speed of sound, and Russia has conducted previous test launches of Zircon from warships and submarines a past year.

Last month, Russia successfully conducted a test launch of a new nuclear-capable intercontinental missile, “Sarmat,” capable of carrying ten or more warheads and striking the United States.

Moscow’s missile test has arrived as Russia’s military has suffered heavy losses of men and equipment due to the ongoing war, which it describes as a “special operation.” Still, it continues to stage high-profile weapons tests to remind the world to show how advanced Moscow’s missile technology is.

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