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Russia destroyed the world's largest aircraft, it will cost $2.91 billion to rebuild!

The war between Russia and Ukraine is taking a dangerous turn.There are many turning points in this war that has been going on for many days, but there is no way of reconciliation.Both the countries have also agreed to talk but the war is not over.Humans have lost their lives in this war, they are also in danger, but there is also a lot of loss of money, which will be very difficult to compensate for .Recently, Russia made a big attack on Ukraine, destroying the world's largest plane destroyed by Russia which was in Ukraine.

According to the Daily Star report, The Antonov An-225 aircraft was the world's largest aircraft destroyed in the Russia Ukraine war .It has been in service for the last 30 years when the Russian army captured and destroyed Hostomal airfield near Kyiv on 25 February.It was a very heavy aircraft. People of Ukraine call this aircraft 'Mriya' i.e. dream. experts have estimated that now it will take 5 years to rebuild the airplane and its total cost will be $2.91 billion.

The Antonov Company had informed that the technical condition of the plane was not known before the investigation by the experts.Ukraine's state defense company Ukroboronprom, which manages Antonov, has said that the plane can be rebuilt if Moscow receives money to build it. The company has said that now their job is that they will take full money from the Russian Federation for the construction of the plane.He said that Russia deliberately destroyed Ukraine's aviation and destroyed the air cargo sector

The director of Antonov Airlines said that one of the plane's engines was taken out for repair and then the plane did not fly. Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has criticized Russia for destroying the plane. He said that the plane helped people in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Not only this, even during the time of Coronavirus, the plane helped people in delivering essential goods.

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