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Russia decides of withdrawing from the Council of Europe

with the growing tensions over the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian Federation has concluded to withdraw from the council of Europe, as Europe blatantly exhibits its dissent over Russian activities in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister exchanged this news through a statement released via telegram account claiming, “We have reached to a conclusion and are in the procedure of withdrawing from Council of Europe. We have notified about our withdrawal to Secretary-General Marija Pejcinovic Buric.”

The Foreign Ministry also claimed that “Russia was barred from its right to representation at the council on 25th February. Russia will not withstand this discriminatory behavior of the council and in such a situation, our country will not remain a part of the Council.” Read the statement.

This news was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Council of Europe, Daniel Hotgen. The spokesperson confirmed through Twitter that “Secretary General Marija Buric today received formal notification from Russian Federation’s withdrawal from the council of Europe under Article 7 of the Statute.

A day ago Ukraine Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, while addressing the 46-member bloc reckoned the members to expel Russia. He claimed that “currently Russia is claiming that there is no war, but I can assuredly say that Mr. Putin has started a full-scale war in the center of Europe, which can take the form of third world war.”

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