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Russia claims that it has destroyed the Ukrainian defense system massively.

It's the 25th day of the war and things seem to have escalated, diplomacy and peace talks have not been able to stop the war, now Russian military defense has claimed that during the night operational-tactical and army aviation has hit 62 major military facilities of Ukraine.

Russian air defense system has shot down one Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, 6 unmanned aerial vehicles which include one Bayraktar TB-2, along with that the air defense system has shot down a Ukrainian tactical missile named "Tochka-U" near the city of lzyum in Kharkiv region.

The Caliber missiles launcher from the Black sea has hit the workshops of the Nizhyn repair plant, where Ukrainian equipment was repaired.

The Russian Armed forces have destroyed six Ukrainian mobile electronic warfare systems named "Bukovel" with artillery fire.

Russian military claims that since the beginning of the special operations in Ukraine, 207 drones, 1476 tanks, 148 multiple rocket launchers have been destroyed.

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