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Deadly Israeli Airstrikes Hit Gaza City, Killing at Least 42

Gaza City, June 22, 2024 — At least 42 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes on northern Gaza City districts on Saturday, as reported by the director of the Hamas-run government media office. The deadliest of these strikes hit residential houses in Al-Shati refugee camp, killing 24 people, while another attack on homes in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood claimed 18 lives, according to Ismail Al-Thawabta.

The Israeli military confirmed the airstrikes, stating that their fighter jets targeted two Hamas military infrastructure sites in Gaza City. More detailed information on the operation is expected to be released soon. Hamas has not yet commented on the Israeli assertion regarding the targeting of military infrastructure, but it condemned the strikes, accusing Israel of attacking civilians. In a statement, Hamas declared, "the occupation and its Nazi leaders will pay the price for their violations against our people."

Footage obtained by Reuters from the aftermath of the strikes in Al-Shati refugee camp showed dozens of Palestinians searching for victims amid the rubble of destroyed homes. The scenes depicted widespread devastation, with wrecked houses, blasted walls, and debris scattered across the streets.

The current Israeli military campaign in Gaza began following a significant escalation in violence on October 7, when Hamas-led militants launched a surprise attack on southern Israel, killing approximately 1,200 people and taking over 250 hostages, according to Israeli sources. Since then, the conflict has wrought extensive destruction across Gaza, with over 37,400 fatalities reported, including 101 deaths in the past 24 hours alone, as per Palestinian health authorities. The offensive has left nearly the entire population of Gaza homeless and destitute.

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